Happy birthday, Liz!

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Happy birthday, Liz!

Smiling at something, Katya jumped over the inscription, hurrying to work, trying not to stain her new not-pink shoes with fresh pink paint. “Oh, this Liz!” Savely Dmitrich from the 4th floor crossed directed at him “Z” and nevertheless ran into his boot, tearing down the crown of the “D”.

“Disgrace,” - Savely Dmitritch did not approve of various types of eccentricities, such as the arts on the walls and in the elevator, any (other than laid down) inscriptions on the asphalt. He had long suspected that all these paintings were the work of Vadik, a boy living the 6th floor, dreaming of catching Vadik in the act of crime, but so far the boy had managed to slip away before the menacingly shaking Savely Dmitrich appeared.

On leaving her house Liza was greeted by ‘smilik’, an inscription drawn on the asphalt with paint, and a heart pierced by an arrow next to it. A birthday was still a wonderful holiday, especially if someone remembers it. This year, the eighth grader Liz decided not to remind anyone of her birthday: "Let them just not remember!" then they themselves would be tormented! A week ago, Dashka had a birthday the whole Dashka’s porch was decorated with flowers, but she was not even beautiful. Liz, of course, did not expect revenge, although she was somewhat wounded.

When Liza went into the school gate, someone flew in from behind, nearly knocking her down – It was also a sign of attention!

Climbing the stairs to the 2nd floor, on the first Chemistry on Tuesdays, Liza squandered smiles, collected enthusiastic looks, shone like never before, if only mother’s mascara hadn't flowed (today Liz would put the question in the edge, at this age every woman should have her own mascara for eyelashes, although it’s probably better to talk about it with dad ...)

As soon as Liza entered the classroom, she was surrounded by fear-friends from all sides, Liza adored her girlfriends - Tanya wore her hair in a liquid pony tail, Masha had a potato nose, at Sveta by a chance for the second year had been wearing braces. Liza chirped cheerfully with the girls, told them what her relatives had promised her to give as presents, the table at the cafe had been already ordered, but she didn’t want to go there badly, especially with the ancestors – wrinkling a pretty, slightly upturned nose, Liz scattering nodding to her friends, carefully watching who was in the classroom .

Shmygin did not have time to enter when he immediately touched her shoulder, he also gave her a backpack, well, even such a compliment could be accepted on your 15th birthday. Romka had been in love with her from the primary school, the whole class knew about it and after all, he'd done his job: the pink inscription had been already photographed and posted on all social networks, wherever possible.

Liza looked at Romeo in love, her lips folded into a thin, carefully closed line - for Roma and that will be enough. The girl turned away from the skinny Shmygin; Roshchin, Petrov and Kochkin entered the class. Kochka doesn’t count, let him grow a little ... If only stumbling over Kochka, Liza looked at ...

The two star boys in the class were Pavlik and Vitya. Vitya studied well and from the 7th grade solved Liza's problems, daily mailing the homework answers and managed to do both test variants in one lesson. Pavlik had recently come to their class and also showed great promise. There was something in Pavlik that Vitya didn’t have, but in Vitya there seemed to be something, but different ... Both boys pretended to be friends, but she somehow knew what kind of friendship there might be between them. .. Holding her eyes in turn, first on one, then on another classmate, Liza gave each of the boys a splendid smile. “Of course it was Pavlik?” “Or was it Vitya, after all?” “Well then let them rack their brains now, which of the two of them left an inscription on the pavement ...”

Having entered the class, Tatyana Ilyinichna dispersed everyone at their desks.

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